Valuation of early stage and growth companies 


In the corporate world uncounted decisions are of financial nature and imply valuation related matters. Whether it is a merger or an acquisition (e.g. a supplier or a competitor), the disposal of part or an entire business, compliance with financial reporting or regulatory requirements (e.g. impairment test), the acquisition or the issuance of a complex financial instrument, or change in ownership (e.g. in the context of a succession), valuation is key!

This course is to be considered as a continuation and a deep-dive of the previous "Understanding the basics of valuation" course and will provide participants with more substance on valuation of mature companies.


The main features of the program are:

  • Introduction - Why to focus on valuation of mature companies?
  • What is a mature company ?
  • Points of attention specific to valuations of mature companies
  • Deep-dive into valuation methodologies (based on concrete examples)

Practical details


3.30 hours


215€ for members
340€ for non-members

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