Diversity has become a fashionable and sometimes overused topic. But should it be forgotten? Certainly not: diversity in the broadest sense (gender/culture/skills/disability/viewpoints/values) remains at the heart of value creation in many organisations.

Diversity even represents a lever that will constitute a definite competitive advantage in the long term. Why and how? This is what we are going to discover together in this fascinating training.

This training will allow you to:

  • Understand the different cultural codes to improve collaboration in a globalised world
  • Better understanding of the plurality of personalities to develop tolerance 
  • Identify the primary and secondary motivations of individuals to engage leaders/employees and develop the full performance of the company/institution
  • Integrate the growth mindset to be solution-oriented and develop one's capacity to adapt as a leader
  • Adapt one's decision-making to a more or less complex context
  • Develop a culture of the right to make mistakes and positive feedback to create a dynamic of continuous improvement and release the full performance of the organisation
  • Boost innovation in your organisation through two efficient tools

Practical details


7.00 hours


540€ for members
700€ for non-members

More information?

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