Fund Governance Masterclass   

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Week 1: 30 September – 04 October 2024
Week 2: 27 January – 31 January 2025



Become a Fund Governance Expert

ILA has created the Fund Governance Masterclass, a programme which will dive participants into the practical world of being a Fund Governance Expert in Luxembourg. This intensive and interactive 80-hour training programme is conducted by Luxembourg practitioners and well-known experts.

The course is dedicated on the one hand to ILA Certified Directors wishing to develop a solid understanding of the Fund Governance framework and will lead to an additional and experienced sectorial certification; and on the other hand, to fund professionals who are eager to strengthen their skills in the Fund Governance area, and are aspiring to obtain a Fund Governance Diploma.

Main advantages of the Masterclass


Participants can attend either the full programme or the courses sperately. if they attend the complete masterclass, modules can be taken within a timeframe of 
2 years. 


This certification is led by current practicioners , industry experts, and renowned guests. 


The masterclass is open to: 

  • ILA certified directors, 
  • ILA members or non-members with at least 3 years of experience in the Fund industry as a Board member (executive or non-executive), or as a Conducting Officer or in a relevant executive management position.

Certified Directors wishing to obtain the Fund directors certification delivered by ILA will need to attend all modules. 

Extra visibility

Relevant visibility on ILA website and attendance to tailor made events with highly qualifed external speakers

Training modules

Part one

Module 1 – Funds & IFMs: Governance fundamentals (28hr, 3.5 days )

Module 2 – Portfolio management (4h, 0.5 days)

Module 3 – Risk management (8h, 1 days)

Part two

Module 4 –  Fund Administration, Depositary and Valuation (8h, 1 day)

Module 5 –  AML/CFT: key considerations for the Fund industry (4h, 0.5 day)

Module 6 – The role of the auditor  (4h, 0.5 day)

Module 7 – Marketing, distribution and transfer agency  (8h, 1 day)

Module 8 – ESG developments for Fund Directors (4h, 0.5 day)

Module 9 –  Technology challenges for Fund Directors (4h, 0.5 day)

Module 10 – Fund Governance in Practice   (8h, 1 day)


 Welcome coffee is at 08:30. Modules start at 08:45 or 09:00. During the day, there are several coffee breaks.
Days finish by 18:00 with the exception of day 1 (week 1) and 4 (week 2). Dinners may finish between approximately 21:00 - 22:00.

Week 1
  • Module 1 - Day 1 to Day 4 AM
  • Module 2 - Day 4 PM
  • Module 3 - Day 5

Dinner with guest speaker on Day 1

Multiple choice questions Exam - online

Week 2
  • Module 4 - Day 1
  • Module 5 - Day 2 AM
  • Module 6 - Day 2 PM
  • Module 7 - Day 3
  • Module 8 - Day 4 AM
  • Module 9 - Day 4 PM
  • Module 10 - Day 5

Dinner with guest speaker on Day 4

Multiple choice questions Exam - online

The topics covered

The course covers a wide variety of topics relevant to:

  • Investment funds, including both undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS) and alternative investment funds (AIFs), covering both funds which may be marketed to the public and which may be marketed to certain types of investors.

  • Investment fund managers, including UCITS Management Companies and Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMs).

The topics include governance of investment funds and IFMs, oversight of portfolio management and risk management, the role of the service providers, marketing, AML, ESG and Fund Governance in practice (including the Lifecycle of Directors) amongst others.

You will be led through key issues specific to exercising a Fund mandate in Luxembourg highlighting what the Luxembourg director should know and specifically challenge.


To attend this programme, the participants have to fulfil at least one of the following conditions:

  • Being an ILA Certified Director OR
  • Having at least 3 years of experience in the Fund industry
    • as a Board member (Executive or Non-Executive)  OR
    • as a Conducting Officer  OR
    • in a relevant executive management position.


For ILA certified Directors : 7,500 EUR (+ VAT 3%)
For ILA members : 8,000 EUR (+ VAT 3%)
For non-members : 11,300 EUR (+ VAT 3%)

If you wish to become a member,  please consult the  following page.

Please note that ILA is authorized as a provider of continuing vocational training by the Ministry of Education (agreement dated 11 October 2011).

Individual training leave 

The certification programmes organised by ILA are eligible for individual training leave granted by the Luxembourg Ministry of Education (MENEJ).  

Please note that the information provided below can be subject to changes at any time. The website of the MENEJ is to be considered as the official source of information related to the Individual Training Leave. Please refer to it for any question you may have.

Individual training leave is a special type of leave that is granted to allow applicants to: 

  • attend training courses, and prepare for and sit exams; or 
  • engage in any other activity undertaken as part of an eligible training course.

The following people who work in the private sector are eligible for individual training leave: 

  • employees; 
  • self-employed workers; 
  • freelancers.

Individual training leave is paid for: 

  • by the employer, if the applicant is employed; 
  • by the State, if the applicant is self-employed. 

The request must be submitted 2 months before the start of the leave requested.

Here is the list of the training-related documents that are required, among other things, to apply for training leave from the MENEJ :  

  • The training registration certificate with the total number of hours (course, exam, etc.). This document is not provided automatically; please send your request by email to to obtain it.   
  • The invoice for the training which will be sent by email to the participant and/or to the company's contact person once the registration has been confirmed.
  • The certificate of attendance of each module will be sent via an automated email from our LMS platform once the module has been attended.  

How to submit your request

Please refer to the following websites for further information and submission instructions.