General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - Board Training & Awareness

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Course outline

More and more companies operate globally and are embracing cloud technologies to manage the increasing volumes of data and introduce digital solutions to enhance service levels and lower costs. Consequently, a lot of personal data and information is stored on personal digital devices, in corporate data centers, and in multiple cloud platforms increasing the desire of customers, employees and third parties to control how their personal data is being used and provide greater transparency around data processing.
This General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) course details your requirements as a board member regarding the GDPR and addresses in a comprehensive and practical way the questions you may be confronted with in the context of your professional duties. 
Corporate governance is the framework that directs and controls companies. Sound corporate governance enables a firm’s board and executives to work together to deliver a firm’s agreed strategy and meet its goals, including protecting the company from data breaches, loss of customer trust and reputation as well as the increasingly high regulatory fines under the GDPR. Demonstrating effective governance of privacy programs is a Board responsibility. 
This course details your requirements as Board members and addresses in a comprehensive and practical way the questions you may be confronted with in the context of your professional duties. 

Course highlights

  • Introduction to the GDPR (Purpose, terminology and scope)
  • Regulatory Framework
  • GDPR Principles
  • Data Subject Rights
  • Roles and Responsibilities under the GDPR (Data controller, data processor and joint data processors, DPO)
  • Implementation and Future Outlooks
  • Final test (score of 75% needed for successful completion, 2 attempts available ONLY) 

Benefits of the program

At the end of the course you will : 

  • be familiar with and understand the purpose of the GDPR;
  • have a clear view of the regulatory framework of the GDPR in the EU;
  • be clear about the different principles of the GDPR;
  • know your professional obligations as a board member related to the GDPR;
  • know what the role of the board, the data controller, and the data processor as well as their correlation. Be clear on the duties of the DPO is and when a DPO is required.
  • see where and how to implement and apply the GDPR within the organization

Target audience

This course is designed for Board members and C-Suite leaders of companies in the financial sector / other industry sectors.

Practical details

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Date & Time
To be completed until 31/12/2023
CPD hours
2.0 hours

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