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Course outline

The ILA Conducting Officer Forum was established over a decade ago and has grown from a small group of Conducting Officers to a large diverse group covering a varied range of IFMs (UCITS Management Companies and AIFMs) including in-house and third party IFMs. The Forum offers the opportunity to share ideas and have an open discussion on industry trends, regulation and evolving best market practice. This creates a good opportunity to network and share ideas with fellow Conducting Officers in an informal manner without minutes or active working groups.

Any topics that may give rise to the need for guidance papers or other publications will be fed into a working group within ILA or one of the other industry associations as is deemed most appropriate. The Forum also works in close collaboration with the ALFI Fund Governance Forum and the ALFI Management Company Committee.

Please find below the topic that will be discussed in this Forum :

  • Updates from other industry associations: ALFI, LPEA, ALCO, ALRIM
  • Industry meeting feedback
  • Regulatory and Industry update, discussion points
    • Market challenges
      • Bank account opening – operational bank account/account own funds 
      • Trust and Fiduciary Register – issue with foreign trusts
    • Regulatory reporting & Operational challenge discussion
      • SFDR Reporting and CSSF DORA survey
    • Laws and regulations / CSSF Circulars / FAQ
    • AML
      • UK Platforms consumer protection targeted at Lux TA’s
    • Lobbying initiatives
  • Feedback on the forum and potential topics for next Forum

Target audience

For this forum, the target audience is any appointed  Conducting & Compliance Officers  and/or  Responsable du Contrôle du respect des obligations (RCs). 

Should you wish to be on the distribution list for the monthly CO Forum, please send an e-mail to Eloïse Brasseur at 

The rules of the Forum foresee that one delegate only for each ManCo or participating entity can be present at the debate in order to have a larger diversity in the group.

Date & Time

20/04/2023 - 12:00


CPD hours

1.0 hour

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Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg

7 Rue Alcide de Gasperi 

1615 Luxembourg - Luxembourg

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Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs  | +352 26 49 58 5963