ILA Mentoring Programme 2024  

Embark on a journey to become a highly qualified, effective and well-respected board member


ILA Mentoring Programme 2024

The ILA Mentoring Programme is a nine-month formal journey where a cohort of mentees are matched with a group of highly experienced and respected mentors. These mentors answer their questions and give them advice on governance issues and how to develop their directors' skills and advance their career.

The goal of the programme is to unlock powerful interactions and insights between participants, which will benefit both the Mentors and the Mentees. It also aims to promote diversity of thought and complementarity at the board level and provide both aspiring and experienced board members with a safe space and sounding board to question their practice, discover new perspectives and grow professionally.

The journey is based on an individual and specific set of goals that the participants aim to achieve at the end of the programme. Each Mentee will define their own aims in relation to their current board role(s) and/or the future of their board career. Mentors need to be able to volunteer their expertise and time in order to maximise their contribution to the professional development of the Mentees.

Please note that the number of places in the Programme is limited and that some Mentors/Mentees might not be paired. This should not discourage Mentors and Mentees from applying and participating in the launch event.

Please be advised that the goal of this Programme and the role of the Mentors are not to provide mandates for the participants.

Applications for the ILA Mentoring Programme 2024 are now closed


Eligible Mentees ideally hold at least one Board or Committee position from any sector or industry (e.g., corporate, non-profit, government agency, private companies, etc.) and generally have a maximum of five years of Board experience. However, aspiring Directors who do not hold a Board position yet are also encouraged to apply.

Eligible Mentors should be experienced Board Directors who are members of ILA and have more than five years of Board experience.

Application process and match-making

Interested Mentors and Mentees who meet the criteria above, will need to complete the Mentee / Mentor Expression of Interest form (Links below).

Once the application forms have been completed, ILA's Nomination & Remuneration working committee and the ILA Executive Committe will review the applications and confirm the acceptance to the Programme for both Mentors and Mentees.

Mentor profiles will be shared with Mentees so that they can preselect the Mentors they would like to meet at our launch event (comprising a Mentoring Masterclass and a speed networking) on 21 February.

After the speed networking, Mentees will need to submit a Mentor wish list with the names of the Mentor(s) they would like to be paired with.

Mentors will need to validate the Mentees’ pairing request. This will be done on a “first come - first served” basis.

Mentors and Mentees, once paired, should mutually decide on the frequency of their meetings. While we suggest a minimum of once a month throughout the program, each Mentor/Mentee tandem is free to establish a different schedule that suits their preferences. It is important to book all six sessions beforehand.

At the end of the Mentoring Programme, both Mentors and Mentees will complete a survey to evaluate their experience. The survey will remain confidential and will be used internally by ILA for reporting purposes only. The Programme will be concluded with a networking event on 3 December.

Timeline of the ILA Mentoring Programme 2024

Until 16 Feb
Application process

Apply to become a Mentor or Mentee. The applications will be reviewed by the Mentoring task force of the ILA Nomination and Remuneration working committee. Mentees pre-select Mentors.

21 Feb

Opening event at BNP Paribas

Mentoring Masterclass held by Rita Knott, Mentoring Consultant...

...and speed networking among Mentors and Mentees

By 15 Mar
Pairing confirmation

Mentees submit a Mentor wish-list. Each Mentor is paired with one or more Mentees. The matching will be done once the Mentor accepts the mentoring request from the Mentee and both sign the ILA Mentorship Partnership Agreement.

Mentoring meetings part 1

Each tandem schedules all the sessions and meets for session #1, #2 and #3

15 Jun
Mid-journey check

Is everything going ok?

Mentoring meetings part 2

Each tandem meets for session #4, #5 and #6

By 1 Dec

Both Mentors and Mentees complete a survey on their experience.

3 Dec
Closing event at BNP Paribas

Reflection on the learnings... 

...and celebration drinks

Benefits of the ILA Mentoring Programme 2024

Mentoring is a very effective way to develop talent, with benefits for both parties invested in the relationship. It has existed as an informal learning method for many centuries, in work set-ups and beyond, with an experienced senior often taking on the mantle of guiding a newcomer.

Mentors can benefit from the program as they will have the opportunity to expand their network and discuss new governance ideas. They will be in contact with new potential talents and they will find out how other boards are functioning. The interactions with the mentees will also allow them to reflect on their own practices as board members as well as on how governance has evolved over the years. The program will also offer them the gratification of transmitting their knowledge and expertise to newly appointed professionals, thus contributing to the development of the new generation of directors. In addition, ILA Certified Directors acting as Mentors will also be rewarded with CDP hours.

Mentees will benefit from the support of qualified and experienced board mentors, based on the goals they have individually set at the beginning of the journey. The role of the program is to offer them an opportunity to learn from highly skilled and well-respected peers how to deal with governance challenges and how to develop the right skills for a successful career as a board director.

Pricing of the ILA Mentoring Programme 2024

Mentees: the fee of the Mentoring Programme is €299 for ILA members and €349 for non-members. 

The fee includes: 

  • access to the opening event at BNP Paribas (Mentoring Masterclass + Speed networking event)
  • 6 mentoring sessions
  • access to the closing networking event

Mentors: the Mentoring Programme is free of charge for mentors. 

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