GRULMS Fernand

GRULMS Fernand

Fernand Grulms has dedicated his past career to different areas of finance: banking, insurance, asset management, investment funds, pension funds and also actuarial and risk management consulting.

During his activity as a Chief Economist of the Luxembourg Bankers Association he was involved in many legal and regulatory issues and files in the field of banking, capital markets and asset management.

Setting up and running as a CEO and Chairman of the Board of the Agency for the Development of the financial center Luxembourg for Finance allowed him to help position Luxembourg as an international financial centre while getting insides into the functioning of banking systems and capital markets in many countries, for instance in emerging markets.

Since 2013, Fernand is now spending his professional time between board commitments and charity work. His INED mandates include a bank, 2 insurance companies, Fund Management companies and investment funds (mainly focused on private equity, credit, real estate and infrastructure investments). He also lectured mathematics of finance for 18 years at the University of Luxembourg.

He is a graduate from the University of Liège and an ILA & INSEAD certified director.