It has been 2 years since the COVID -19 crises hit
Check out the events and resources our Working Committees prepared during this period!
In a crisis, when the stakes are high and scrutiny is intense, the board has a unique role: stepping in and taking big decisions that have a significant impact on the future of the organization.
During the last two years, the ILA working Committees have put together a number of events and resources to help ILA members navigate this exceptional situation.
In this two years anniversary of the beginning of the COVID - 19 crisis, have a look at the virtual events organised by ILA, read the guidance from our working committees and check out other important events and news around the COVID-19 crisis.


Coffee Chats


ILA Coffee Chat 01: “COVID-19 - What should Directors of Investment Funds and Investment Fund Managers be asking?"     

ILA Coffee Chat 02:  “COVID-19 - Cybersecurity for Directors"

ILA Coffee Chat 03:  “Leadership during COVID 19: What should Boards be thinking about?"

ILA Coffee Chat 04 : "Financial Statements, Audits and Audit Committees in times of crisis"

ILA Coffee Chat 05:  “Business Risk, Continuity & Protection: Thoughts for Boards on COVID-19"

ILA Coffee Chat 06: “Board Effectiveness and organization in a crisis"

ILA Coffee Chat 07: "From thriving to surviving: Boards faced with financial difficulties"

ILA Coffee Chat 08: Covid-19: A call for Digital Transformation - How directors are driving digital strategy?

ILA Coffee Chat 09: Listed companies and the Green Exchange

ILA Coffee Chat 10: The role of Boards in Crisis planning and management

ILA Coffee Chat 11: “Remuneration of non-executive directors”

ILA Coffee Chat 12: COVID-19: Managing current challenges in illiquid funds

2021 (Watch the sessions by clicking on the titles below)

ILA Coffee Chat : What is - or should be - the purpose of shareholder meetings? 

ILA Coffee Chat : Can we have sustainability without diversity?

2022 (Watch the sessions by clicking on the titles below)

ILA Coffee Chat : The Board's journey to EU Responsible Artificial Intelligence 

ILA Coffee Chat: Deep Dive on "The State of the Luxembourg Boardroom" benchmark report, focus on Board Effectiveness and Strategy  

Sustainability Strategy Talks (Watch the sessions by clicking on the titles below)

Sustainability Strategy Talks with Mr Jacques Lanners 

Sustainability Strategy Talks with Ludovic Dardinier, Hydro Aluminium Clervaux 

Sustainability Strategy Talks: "Leading The Energy Transition" with Claude Seywert, ENCEVO 

Sustainability Strategy Talks with Mr Hein, CEO of Ramborn 

Sustainability Strategy Talks with Robert Dennewald, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Contern S.A. 

Sustainability Strategy Talks with Alexander Rhodes, Head of Mishcon Purpose 

Sustainability Strategy Talks with Ms Louise König, Ramboll Sweden 

Sustainability Strategy Talks with Mr Philippe Joubert, Founder and CEO of Earth on Board

ILA Working Committee Guidelines

Ethics, ESG and the Corona Age

Integrity Committee

Ethics in business is a long-term affair. It is also an unresolved question that practitioners, regulators, academics and politicians have struggled to answer in the aftermath of individual corporate scandals or societal crises such as the financial disaster that was 2008/09. Governance professionals and institutions such as ILA aim to influence business behaviour to be more responsible, predictable and trustworthy – in short, more “ethical”. 

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Topics for Boards of Investment Fund Managers and Investment Funds to consider during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) disruption

Investment Fund Committee and the Alternatives Taskforce

In the context of the Coronavirus crisis, ILA’s Investment Fund Committee and the Alternatives Taskforce are publishing a guide identifying key topics which Boards of Investment Fund Managers (IFMs) and Investment Funds should, or may wish to, consider in the context of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disruption. The document also provides a brief of summary of each topic and includes selected references for further reading. Some of the topics are also relevant for Service Providers to Funds and to IFMs.

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Electronic Signatures – What Boards should look out for

Legal & Regulatory Committee

In these weeks and months marked by the corona virus and the entailing restrictions on physical meetings, Boards and companies are faced with practical issues in the implementation and recording of their decision taking.

Whilst a recent grand ducal regulation of 20 March 2020 enables companies in this crisis, to hold its shareholder meetings and meetings of management bodies exclusively in digital form, the issue of signing documents, agreements, resolutions or minutes of those digitally-held meetings remains.  

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20 years after Sarbanes-Oxley: what will be Luxembourg employers’ obligations to protect whistleblowers?
By Maurice Macchi and Julian Kisslinger (Allen & Overy)