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21st Century Imperative

The dynamic business world of the 21st Century requires leadership to be up to date with the latest scientific advancements, in particular regarding the requirement for sustainability and how to achieve this. A study from June 2021 of the Boards Directors of Fortune 100 companies highlighted a lack of commitment in this regard by leaders in most organizations. Most of these individuals’ experience is rooted in their professional lives, as executives and as directors. Most are not exposed directly to the latest scientific understanding, and in the 21st Century this could be a major shortcoming in the quest for business success.

The Challenge

Building teams of knowledge-driven leaders enables businesses and communities to thrive in a sustainable fashion. Business schools and governance institutions are evolving to meet the requirements for creating 21st Century business leaders who have the skills to take their organizations forward. Failure in this regard leads to insufficient agility and a lack of urgency regarding challenges related to the climate, our societies, public health and our economies. We are living through serious times, with current difficulties being made harder to solve due to a lack of effective action over recent decades, particularly regarding fossil fuel use. 

Since 1987 – when the UN commissioned the Bruntland report ‘Our Common Future’ – global politicians and business leaders have paid insufficient attention to the climate, resulting in the current emergency situation. Many simply denied the seriousness of the challenge, dismissing the need to implement sustainability strategies and action. The result is our planet recording a temperature increase of +1.2°C above that seen at the start of the industrial revolution. 

Reports from the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change and the World Meteorological Organization in 2022 warn of a heightened risk of unprecedented economic damage from the effects of a warming climate. If temperatures rise by anything from +1.5°C to 3.7°C the financial cost could be between US $ 54 trillion to US $ 515 trillion. The size of the challenge is stark.

The Opportunity

We believe there is an urgent need to build 21st Century Leadership teams which are motivated by realistic, science-led, sustainability driven principles. We have created a curriculum which can serve as a Board/C Suite Strategy agenda; a ‘21st Century Model MasterClass’. It links the three key emergencies, related to the climate, health and society, and the economy. This program is also informed by the three major disruptors of our contemporary world: geopolitical disturbance, new technology, and the sustainability governance revolution. Together this program will give you the understanding needed to build a resilient framework for your organization. While it is impossible to eliminate every threat, 21st Century Board Leaders are able to act proactively with strategies and action plans that can minimize many types of risk.

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The MasterClass will be delivered in 6 modules, complimented by a panel discussions covering ALL Emergencies and ALL Disruptors. Each module is a key building block to help the participants to end the MasterClass with a 21st century strategy for the organisation. Every module is addressed through a sustainability lens. 

  • Day 1 - 25/04/2023 PM
    • Introduction to the 21st Century board Leadership Model, Strategy Template and pre-read material
    • Topic 1- Climate Emergency
  • Day 2 - 26/04/2023
    • Topic 2 - Health and Social Emergency
    • Topic 3 - Economic Emergency
    • Topic 4 - Disruptors and New Technology Disruption
  • Day 3 - 27/04/2023
    • Topic 5 - Geo-Political Disruption
    • Topic 6 - Governance Disruption
    • Recap and strategy template

The MasterClass will be delivered 100% by Practitioners. Enrolment is recommended for individuals and groups of individuals from a multifunctional team, led by a Board Director and C-Suite members from for example Finance, Operations, Sustainability, R&D, Marketing.

Each Company team / participant will be inspired to develop a company specific “21st Century Leadership Model strategy” using a focused template by module. 

The Company specific, “21st Century Leadership Model Strategy template” will be reviewed by Dr Ravi Fernando and Raymond Schadeck to give feedback to each Company team represented in a planned manner within a week post the sessions, giving time for the formulation of a draft strategy focused on 2022-2025. 

The objective is that every multifunctional team/participant takes back a proposal to their company Board/CEO to build on and create a ‘21st Century Leadership Model Strategy’ which is science led and sustainability inspired based on what they have learned. Every participant should be able to answer the question, “What did you learn and how will it benefit our company?

The course will be delivered as follows:

  • 2 x 1/2 days in person training on 25, 26 & 27 April, including a cocktail on the first day with all Alumni from previous sessions
  • individual reviews of the strategy template 1 week after the in person course consistant of 45 minute time slots for the feedback will be scheduled with each participant or each group with Dr Ravi Fernando and Raymond Schadeck

Target audience

  • The program is ideally for Multi - functional teams of 3-4 from the company/organisation comprising a mix of representatives from the following functions: 
    • A Board member leading sustainability
    • Functional heads of Sustainability/Finance/ Operations/ Legal/ Marketing/ Sales/ Supply Chain/ QA/ IT
  • C Suite managers 
    • Heads of Department/Divisional Managers 
  • Middle Managers engaged in delivering business strategy from the following functions – Sustainability/Finance/ Operations/ Legal/ Marketing/ Sales/ Supply Chain/ QA /IT

Registration fees

  • Multi-functional teams of min 3 participants: 1,250 EUR/person (excl VAT) - please contact the ILA Team
  • Individual registration member rate (ILA&IMS) : 1,500 EUR (excl VAT) - registration above 
  • Individual registration non-member rate : 2,000 EUR (excl VAT) - registration above

Date & Time

25/04/2023 - 08:30
27/04/2023 - 17:30


INNSiDE by Meliá Luxembourg

CPD hours

20.0 hours

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Member fee : 1,500.00€ (VAT excl.)

Non-member fee: 2,000.00€ (VAT excl.)

IMS member fee : 1,500.00€ (VAT excl.)

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