Mastering Your Journey To Board Mandates

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1. Find Your Unique Value Proposition as a NED

 Identify the specific added value that you can bring to a board and fully define your Unique Value Proposition based on your experience, expertise and soft skills. 

2. Branding and Self-Promotion 

With a clear vision of what you offer as an iNED, brand yourself as such and promote yourself on the market. 

3. Network Efficiently 

Discover how to network efficiently and develop an effective strategy to convince boards that you are the member they are missing.

4. Test Your Pitch and lnterview 

Learn to pitch yourself as an iNED and participate in the simulation of an interview for a board position, based on a real-life business case. 

5. Powerful Learning Interactions 

Join other top-level professionals(iNED and C-suite) for our highly interactive sessions and hear from full-time iNEDs about their journey to building a full portfolio.



  • One full-day session within a group of maximum 7 participants.
  • One half-day follow-up session to apply the learnings to your own situation.

Please find below the dates of the next cohorts: 

  • Cohort 1:  1 February 2024 (full-day) & 19 February 2024 (half-day)
  • Cohort 2:  22 May 2024 (full-day) & 4 June 2024 (half-day)
  • Cohort 3:  19 September 2024 (full-day) & 7 October 2024 (half-day)
  • Cohort 4:  7 November 2024 (full-day) & 21 November 2024 (half-day)

Do not hesitate to complete your training with our "ILA Mentoring Programme 2024".      For more information, click here  

Date & Time

22/05/2024 - 09:00

04/06/2024-8:00 AM 
                               12:00 PM


INNSiDE by Meliá Luxembourg

CPD hours

11.0 hours

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Member fee :  1.800,00€ (VAT excl.)

Non-member fee:  2.300,00€ (VAT excl.)

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Managing Partner -  Amrop Luxembourg 

Agenda and schedule


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​INNSiDE by Melia

12 Rue Henri M. Schnadt

L-2530 Luxembourg

Contact the organiser

Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs  | +352 26 49 58 5963