Regulatory & Client Reporting Obligations for Board Directors


The training is part of a training program with the below topics:

The aim of this course is to obtain a clear understanding of which reports are required by institutional investors, the regulatory backgrounds, and the best practices/processes to fulfil them.

We will go through the different European regulation requiring the look through on investment fund’s portfolio holding and how not providing this look through will disadvantage Asset Managers compared to competitors doing so.

Furthermore, sub-funds designed to match some regulatory requirements attract institutional investors. Elaborating investment strategies lowering the regulatory capital requirement for equivalent yield become a key differentiator when pitching for such investor types e.g. VAG compliant, Solvency II or CRR capital charge optimization.

  • Information and risk monitored
  • Regulation IMs are indirectly subject via their investors
  1. Insurance undertakings: Solvency
  2. Credit Institutions: CRR and Basel
  3. Pension Funds: IORP I & II
  4. Retail investors: PRIIPs
  • Investors needs in term of disclosure:
  1. Reporting
  2. Audit
  3. Compliance  

Practical details


2.00 hours


190€ for members
250€ for non-members

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