ILA membership is open to company directors and to all persons involved in board affairs. The Institute is composed of individual members whose activity is linked to the board of directors, the supervisory committee and other bodies of commercial or non-commercial companies. Among others, directors, board chairmen, board secretaries, lawyers, auditors, etc. are ILA members today.

Eligibility & admission

There are two possibilities to become a ILA member:

  • Individual membership

  • Corporate membership. In this case, the member is a legal entity called an Affiliated Member. As such, any person put forward by the Company may become a part of ILA without any further subscription.

 In both cases:

  • The candidates must submit a declaration, listing the mandates that fall under their responsibility as directors.

  • They must also submit a declaration that no legal  proceedings are in motion against them.

  • They must have signed the ILA Code of Conduct (available here).

  • All applications are submitted for approval to the Management Committee.

How to become a member?

Choose your membership type

We offer 4 different types of membership. Three are aimed at companies : Sponsor, Medium and Small, while the last one is an individual membership.

Complete the application form, sign the code of conduct

You can now apply online and sign the code of conduct.  You don't have to print the form anymore!

Get approved

Individual members need to provide a CV and a list of mandates. For companies, we require a list of all the members who wish to be affiliated. Once we receive all the information, your application will be reviewed by our Management Committee, who will decide on its approval.

Annual Subscriptions




Max. 40 members
  • Institutional sponsors, in particular sponsors carrying out work for ILA’s commissions;

  • Listed companies whose market capitalisation is superior to 500 million Euros.




Max. members
  • Listed companies whose market capitalisation is less than 500 million Euros;

  • Large unlisted companies (workforce ≥ 100 or share capital ≥ EUR 10 million);

  • Investment funds that have over EUR 1 billion in assets under management.




Max. 3 members
  • Small and medium-sized companies (workforce ≤ 100 or share capital ≤ EUR 10 million);

  • Investment funds that do not fall within the Medium category.




Max. 1 member
  • Individual membership

 *Charity organisations may benefit from a special reduced membership fee of 500 EUR

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With more than 1800 members, ILA is Luxembourg's most recognized institute on all Corporate Governance topics, and gathers all the best practitioners in Luxembourg.

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