Reporting Obligations for Boards

Course outline

The audience will gain a better understanding of the reporting obligations for directors and more specifically on the Financials reporting, the Tax reporting, the ESG reporting and other Regulatory and investors reporting. 

For each type of reporting, participants will learn the legal and regulatory background, what to report and why such reporting is important, how to read and understand the reporting, the risks arising from inappropriate/inaccurate reporting and the reporting obligations for directors with a final focus on the investment funds industry.

The course will be interactive and facilitated by specialists of the Financial, Tax, ESG and other Regulatory reporting

Course highlights

The different topics of the program are:

  • Fiscal reporting obligations 
  • Financial reporting obligations 
  • ESG reporting obligations 
  • Regulatory or client related reporting obligations

Course objectives

Directors will get an understanding of:

  • the legal and regulatory backgrouns for Financial, Tax, ESG and other Regulatory reporting
  • these reportings 
  • the obligations arising from them
  • the risk arising from inaccurate reporting (company and investors)

and be able to challenge the reporting prepared on their behalf.

Target audience

If you are interested to attend all four courses you can register on this page at an advantageous rate. Should you only wish to attend some of the modules please click on the below links and you can register separately:

  • Module 1Fiscal reporting obligations - 7 March 2024 - from 11.00-13.00
  • Module 2Financial reporting obligations - 14 March 2024 - from 11.00-13.00
  • Module 3ESG reporting obligation - 21 March 2024 - from 11.00-13.00
  • Module 4 - Regulatory reporting obligations - 28 March 2024 - from 11.00-13.00

Date & Time

07/03/2024 - 11:00
28/03/2024 - 13:00



CPD hours

8.0 hours

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Member fee : 540,00€ (VAT excl.)

Non-member fee: 865,00€ (VAT excl.)

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Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs  | +352 26 49 58 5963